Friday, July 22, 2016

Bandai Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2016 Review Shin Gojira Godzilla Resurgence シン・ゴジラ

Hello, collectors! Shin Gojira/Japan vs Godzilla/Godzilla Resurgence/Whatever other title you wanna use is going to debut in Japan soon, and with its release we get the first significant piece of merchandise, the Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2016! The first new vinyl since the 2014 design, many have been foaming at the mouth to get it, paying upwards of $50 (?!?!) for it... but is it truly worth it? Read on and find out!

Okay, so this figure... baffles me. This figure, as you will see, has a great sculpt which you need to see up close that's lost in the dark grey vinyl and lack of paint.

The head/face is rather bland, with a rather mushy sculpt which is true to the design of this Godzilla. Unfortunately, though, many would dismiss this and not look at the finer details such as the nostrils. The teeth are painted, though not every one, and the eye is white... with a sculpt... for a pupil..... that's not painted...

The chest is allll cut up and has red paint to give it the... bloody? heated? regenerating look, whatever they're aiming for, but the hands have no paint to truly make the claws notable. Overall, though, the chest details are awesome, and is one example of how paint really would benefit this figure.

Looking at his sides, you can see the meaty sculpt isn't defined too well, and the ragged skin on the arm can't be appreciated because even though it's there, it just blends in. Now, when we get to the dorsal plates, however, we get some paint at their base which does come up on some of the the plates. It looks nice! 

The legs look nice overall, with more bumps and ridges and folds that really should have been painted. Moving down, the shins and feet look nice, too, though maybe the extra nails sticking out could have been painted as well.

Now, the tail isVERY detailed here. The dorsal plates turn into spikes as it move towards the tip, and it looks individually segmented, like there are ball joints. Once we get to the tip, though, you can see what I mean by lack of painting holding the figure back; the sculpt is GORGEOUS here, and every ridge and nook looks awesome. If this were throughout the figure, or in more than two spots, it'd be a better figure overall.

Very simple; swivels at the shoulders and the hips. Free range of movement!


He has a nice sculpt, but the lack of paint makes it look really cheap, like candy-toy cheap, let's be deal. It's clear Bandai knew what they were doing, though, because less paint per figure means more money in their bank account. Best thing about this potential purchase is what you're seeing is what you're getting; your opinion shouldn't change in-hand. While it's a pretty good kid's toy, if you're a collector hoping to squeeze as much goodness as you can out of the $20 or so MSRP, welll this figure does come up short. For, say, prime collector material, maybe wait for the big Bandai one coming out in August, or the SH MonsterArts in November. Yes, yes, I know many want this just because it's the newest Bandai vinyl,  but try not to get sucked into the hype of paying around $50 for this like some  are selling it for. I paid $25 or so for mine, and I'm content. If you want it cheap, maybe wait a little while so supply catches back up with demand.

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